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April 9 2014 4 09 /04 /April /2014 11:26

blondefuckbookkIf you’re anything like me then you’re sick and tired of spending time and money on relationships but getting nothing in return. The reason guys like us put up with this kind of abuse is that we’ve been conditioned that if we want to have sex with a woman, we’re going to have to pay up and shower her with praise and gifts. Do you ever wish things weren’t that way?


Well they don’t have to be!


Today is a different age than the one most of us grew up in. Today we have things like Facebook and more importantly dating websites that let us meet girls for sex and not have to worry about relationships. If you hit up the right websites you can expect that the women you’re messaging will be expecting you to message them as a restless guy looking for one thing – and most of the time they are looking for the exact same thing themselves!


But don’t just go in bareback and hope you’ll be okay (in more than one way)! In order for online dating to work and in order to actually meet girls for sex you’re going to want to play things a little differently than you would on a normal dating site like match or eHarmony. These girls aren’t so much into your personality or what your hobbies are, they’re more interested in what you look like and what kind of things you want to do with them. A lot of the time these girls (when I say these girls I mean the ones that sign up for sites like this) are starved for sex and they just need attention from a guy – and any guy will work. Some other times you’ll run into women who frequent the site and meet many lovers from it and these are the girls who are going to be more superficial and care about the kind of car you drive and the amount of weight you lift at the gym.


Which one is better for you? Well it’s up to you to decide! If you are a talker and can charm a woman then you might be better off with the sex starved ones since they will let you into their inner world without worrying much about what you look like. On the other hand if you have the advantage of a nice body and you’re a fit person then you’re going to have tons of fun with the girls who are looking for that kind of thing.


In closing I just want to remind everyone that there’s someone out there for all of us no matter what we’re looking for. Whether it is a one night stand or a one lifetime commitment don’t be afraid to take a look at what the internet has the offer and experience the many ways that it can make landing women easier.


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August 29 2013 5 29 /08 /August /2013 01:26

blondefuckbookkSo you're sitting at home on a Friday afternoon thinking of what to do that night. You decide to check out some dating sites and see if you can meet girls for sex on there. You message one or two of them but you get no replies. What gives?


There have been a few studies done about online dating and some of the most important ones are about profile pictures. For example, did you know that the most popular picture for women is the 'MySpace shot' which is a shot taken from above and down?


Another thing to make sure of when taking your profile picture is to smile in the picture. Studies show that the best look for a man in his profile picture is to smile and look away from the camera. For women on the other hand smiling is a bad thing and led to them meeting less men in the studies.


The most important thing for women was that they made eye contact with the camera. When women weren't making eye contact it didn't really matter whether they were smiling or putting on a 'flirty-face', they always came out below women who were making eye contact.


As a guy your best bet is a picture where you are with an animal or doing something interesting and looking away from the camera. So next time you're messaging girls why not try to find a picture that shows them what studies show they want and give it a go. 

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August 28 2013 4 28 /08 /August /2013 22:55

blondefuckbookkSometimes when I hear about guys not having luck with girls these days it amazes me. I mean I know it can be hard right now but just think: when have men during all of the history of mankind been given such an amazing tool as Facebook to meet girls? They haven't!


What you have with the social networks out there is a way to scope out girls you want, get to know a little about them, and finally it gives you a way to contact them. Have you ever been to a bar trying to meet girls for sex? There's nothing harder to get good at than walking up to a good looking woman and introducing yourself in an effort to get her number. But with Facebook all of that is done for you! You get to see what she looks like and in a way you already have her number. Consider yourself lucky that you're living in these times!


So next time you're sitting on the computer and looking at all of those girls on Facebook and wondering how you can land some for some quick sex, just think to yourself how good you have it and then get to work. The more you message the better it will be for you and the more of a chance you'll have for one to message you back. After that initial contact as long as you don't creep her out or anything like that then you are almost guaranteed to get a date.


Good luck on your dating adventures and if you're looking for more tips on dating check out these dating tips at Fbook of Sex: http://www.fbookofsex.com/dating-tips.html

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June 5 2012 3 05 /06 /June /2012 02:45

blondefuckbookkThere are lots of ways to meet girls online, especially nowadays when everyone is using the internet for things like Facebook and Twitter. But as popular as those sites are they aren’t really any good when it comes to meeting people for sex, especially because people tend to want to keep their sexual habits secret from their friends.


That means you have to use other websites to find women online. The best ones are called sex dating sites and the best ones of those are sites like Fuckbook and the Facebook of Sex. With these websites the girls that sign up to them (and there are lots) already know that you’re going to want to talk to them about sex. They usually use a fake name and put up pictures that don’t show too much of their face so they aren’t worried about being extra dirty in their messages. As a bonus when you actually meet up with these girls you’ve already read everything in their profiles so you know what their fetishes are and kinky things they want to try.


My favorite website to do all this stuff on is http://www.fbookofsex.com, after reading the reasons for people to join at the bottom I was hooked and as soon as I started searching my area and seeing all the girls I knew that I didn’t know were such freaks I became a believer and decided to start telling other people about it.


Good luck and enjoy the sex!


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March 12 2012 2 12 /03 /March /2012 06:01

One of the thing that happens to a lot of nice guys is when they meet a girl things go well for the first date or two but before modelchickthey know it they get the dreaded ‘let’s be friends’ talk and are put into the friend zone with a girl they obviously want more from. How can you avoid this dreaded fate that most of us guys fall into at one time or another during our lives?


The most important thing in keeping out of the friend zone is to make sure that you start with a sexual overtone and you carry that sexual overtone throughout the relationship. This doesn’t mean that you have to have sex, it just means that you have to make sure that you keep reminding the girl in subtle ways that you are there as a mate (for a lack of better words). Some things you can do to get that point across are to make sure you keep complimenting her looks whenever you see her. Don’t compliment stupid things like her clothes; compliment her body or her eyes or her smile, things that are obviously flirting and not something friends say to each other.


And last of all you need to make sure you are always leaning towards being in the traditional man role, keeping her safe, paying for meals and things like that. Depending on the type of girl you are with you might also want to make sure that you move fast on the sex but if it’s a girl that isn’t into that kind of stuff right away then just wait but always let her know that you are ready and willing for sex. If you’re ready to meet more women for some hot and steamy sex then check out http://www.fbookofsex.com.

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January 20 2012 6 20 /01 /January /2012 12:11

Maybe you’ve heard about Fuckbook from a friend or maybe you’ve only seen it in the ads that are on tons of websites on the internet. Fuckbook is basically a bunch of websites that are like Facebook except they are for dating and more blondefuckbookk.jpgimportantly, sex dating. What is sex dating? The idea is that when people meet up both of them know that they are there for sex. This doesn’t mean that every person you meet on there is going to be a one night stand but sites like these really make it easy to meet girls for sex.


It has never been easier to meet women than it is now using these websites. Imagine at one time you could only talk to two or three girls in a night but now with the internet and sites like Fuckbook you can talk to as many women as you want at the same time. Even if you strike out half the time you’ll still be rolling in women!


How do you start using one? Well obviously the one I like the most is Fuckbook of Sex, you can go to it by heading to http://www.fbookofsex.com and all you have to do is go there and sign up as a free member. I would recommend doing a search of the people in your area before going any further and if you see what you like in terms of the girls (or guys) in your area then you can go ahead and start messaging them.

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December 16 2011 6 16 /12 /December /2011 09:50

For most guys out there just getting a date is hard enough. So how is one supposed to go about getting a date with a woman that is purely out to have sex? Well it is all about following a few simple rules to make sure that the woman you're dealing with is into it and to set the stage for the relationship you're going to have right from the start.

modelchick.jpgFor example, one of the things you don't want to do is spend time listening to all her problems. That is something for a long term boyfriend to do, not something for someone who is just there for a short term thing. Another rule to stick by is that you have to strike early so that you don't get too feely with the girl.


Finally - and this is a litlte iffy - you might want to lie a bit. I say this because girls that sleep with guys right away like to think of the guy they are sleeping with as an alpha male with a lot to offer her. The whole idea of meeting a guy and being swept off her feet is a big fantasy for a girl and she likes to think the guy doing the sweeping is her prince charming. Act the part and you'll be fine.


Ready to meet some girls? Then check out the Facebook of Sex (click here) where you'll find tons of women that are ready to have sex with guys right away.

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